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    [Sale] Website, Coded, Designed -

    Well, I have designed this site, coded the majority of the backend, which is not currently password protected but yeah, the host I got, I paid yearly for, and I do not think that they allow uploading so I am now forced to sell.

    I originally created this website for my girlfriend but she decided to leave me, I quit my job etc.

    I am looking for $50, the script works 100% of what the features are in the script, but i have a few sections uncompleted which shouldn't cost much to fix / get coded.

    site url:
    admin url:

    now considering the website does not allow uploading the script does not function to its entirety so some features are not working.

    Please contact me via pm or email me - [email protected] if you are interested.

    Brett Quast

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    I'm sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Good luck with selling the site!

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    thanks hopefully it can sell..

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