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    Urgent Help Needed On My Dedicated Server: Internet Download Speeds...

    I today just bought a dedicated server for the sole purpose of using its internet to ping certain websites constant pace. The only reason I bought this server was becuase I thought the internet connection on the server would be much faster than my connection at home on my main computer. We don't own a website or transfer any data. The only reason I bought it was to put my in house software I built that buys tickets to events once a week when they go onsale. Our competitors are on a faster internet connection and have been getting the better quality of inventory so we thought if we ran our software on a server with a fast internet connection we can be faster than them:

    The result we got while doing a speedtest on the server was 117KB/s down and 56784KB/s up. We soon realized that this is becaused a server is used to serve people. So basically we believe this was a waste of money becuase we need high down speeds so the websites can load blazing fast. Does anyone have any suggestion on what we should do for this matter?

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    Where do you base and where do you want to server base?
    server spec?

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    The only thing we need a mega fast download speed on the server itself. spec & location are irrelevant to us. (although we would prob going with a good machine)

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