I , for one, will. Consider this a rant, but I am sick of the half working features, basic features that NEED to be in a billing system (i.e. manual invoice creation) that haven't been implemented yet, and the fact that using MBill 5 makes monthly and weekly financials twice as long [time wise] as it should be due to its slowness.

I used to use WHMAP before 3 came out, almost 2/3 years ago, and switched to modernbill 4 because of the functionality that I needed. I waited until Mbill 5.1 came out (nearly six months after 5 was released), hoping the bugs would be worked out, and I could slip into using atleast the basic functions that mbill 4 provided...BOY WAS I WRONG.

I understand that building a product such as Mbill 5 takes a lot of time, work, and testing. Ever since I've upgraded, though, I've felt like a beta-tester...which in my opinion is very bad for business. I've had to apologize to EVERY customer so far because their account was screwed up one way or another during my upgrade. It's almost 2 months later...and I'm still apologizing because I'm finding new problems every day with their accounts.

Guys at Modernbill, I appreciate your work, I understand the depth of a project like this, but I'm overly frustrated at lack of support, lack of features, being promised but never delivering, the speed of the application, the lack of 'widgets' available, having to fully upgrade everytime a build is released, and feeling like a daily beta tester with this application. You'd think that, at the VERY least, the functions of Modernbill 4 would have been implemented before they went all crazy and started adding crap. I, for the sake of my clients, can no longer use Modernbill at the end of this year, and will be switching to WHMAP3 as soon as I hear from Brandee on the status of his MBILL5 -> WHMAP 3 integration tool.