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    Although the final version with all of the extra's is a week or so away, I decided to put up a beta of to test load times with more than 1 user trying it, and to get some feedback on how it works. The search itself works so if you are shopping around for a book I definitely suggest checking us out.

    Basically it is a price comparison engine for books. Right now it searches about 12 or so partners, but by launch that # will be around 20.

    Although it works for any books, my focus is going to be on college textbooks and the college crowd.

    The other things that I am already planning on improving are:
    -the content pages
    -the pricing table (more details, spacing, style)
    -load times/efficiency
    -ads will be implimented

    I am completely open to comments and criticisms, I am all about improving this site for the user.


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    I like the nice clean layout and that it shows how many steps are finished while doing the search.
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    Very nice! The layout is very simple yet it looks awesome.

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    The site looks simple in design. Hope u'll have success with it !

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    thanks for the feedback. I am hoping to have it all cleaned up by the end of the week and to also have the extra content pages up for then too.

    I think simplicity is a must for any sort of search related site, just look at google. Plus it's less load time.

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