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    how does an SSL cert work?


    I ordered a quickssl cert from geotrust for, After receiving my webhost installed it for me. Now my question is ..

    Is it so that since the cert is for I can only access the 'secure' subdomain using https:// ? In other words, I THOUGHT that once it is installed I could only access files which are stored in my 'secure' subdomain ..and nothing else on my website.

    However, once installed this is what effect the cert has: is pointing right to my front page (not anything stored in the 'secure' subdomain)

    And as such I can access the whole website through ...which is cool n all, but is it meant to be like this?

    And also, for some reason the 'secure' subdomain disappears from cpanel, and it isnt even counted as a subdomain .. if I try to add a new subdomain 'secure' it says one already exists ..and indeed I can access (not secure) takes me to my front page (unsecure)

    Is this all normal behaviour of an SSL cert? What I thought would happen was that since I ordered the cert for I would HAVE TO store all files I want secure in my 'secure' subdomain ...


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    you can call it anything you want like https://ssl.* or https://secure.* when you apply for the certificate but when you use it, all files will be in the root of your account and not a subdomain like ssl or secure.
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    Thanks, I didn't know it worked like that ... that's pretty cool

    By the way, is it a side-effect of having the cert point to https://secure.* that you can't have a normal subdomain called 'secure' ? I am asking because it has disappeared from my cpanel ..and because if I try to access it via http://secure. it points me simply back to the root of my account just like the https:// equivalent ..


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    Well, I have a certificate installed as https://secure.* and created a subdomain called secure.. I can access the secure subdomain via or if I entered will be the contents of that subdomain.
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