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    money order never came

    Someone who wants to pay for my services via money order. Tells me he sent it out tuesday of last week. today is a week after that, and I have still not received the money order in the mail.

    I turned off his server (luckily it didn't really cost me but a little bit of bandwidth to turn on a head of time) and told him I'll need to freeze the server until I receive the payment (and will add onto his subscription the days I had to freeze his server).

    I don't know alot about money orders just that they have some secruity features that checks don't have.

    Anyways I feel partially that he made up the story about the money order to try and get some free service. But there's no reason to beleive that besides the fact that it's been a week and I haven't received the money order.

    As far as I know theres no reason to steal a money order unless the person has my same name etc. or am I mistaken? also if he really did send the money order what should I do about the situation? is it possible for him to still get his money back etc or know the status of the money order? I feel bad slightly if he really did send the money order and it was lost in the mail and/or stolen.

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    Chances are he didn't send it at all.

    Lesson to learn: Never initiate service before payment is received
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    well I know theres a good chance he didn't. I only started his service to hopefully let the next payment time come sooner, and I didn't really lose anything even though I didn't get any money.

    I'm just more concerned with the "what if". Even though the money order is already paid for (assuming he did try to send me a money order). can he see check up and see that I never received it/cashed it?

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    The customer can get his money back but he has to iniate that with the money order company. It's not your problem. Even if it was stolen, it is still his responsibility to get payment to you.

    Make sure you have good policies in place regarding initial and recurring payments. In the case of money orders or checks, they should be received ahead of due date to ensure bank clearance. Let the customer know that if payment is not received by a certain date, service will be suspended in x days. Stand firm on this! After a time, you'll be able to tell who is a chronic offender or who's payment may have really been lost in the mail.

    And ... never, ever turn up service until you have received payment.

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    Money orders used to be just like money. Then of course fraud cae into play. With a new customer who you never have had a prior relationship with, you should always receive money up front. This is part of doing business. You had to pay to get the server up (that company expected it) so why should your customers expect it?

    Businesses usually like to make money. Don't let people get the better of you by offering your services and products at no charge.

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    Thank you everybody for your replies I will defiantely consider this advice in my future decisions

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