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    Does this exist?

    A program that keeps track of what you do on the computer.

    You post on WHT for 45 minutes then go on to do some design work in Dreamweaver, then go check your email for 10 minutes.

    You could view how long you did each thing for, how long you visited each web page for and some type of pie chart or graph that displays your total time spent on each thing.

    Does that exist?

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    I'm pretty sure something like that does in-fact exist - don't quote me on it though! Take a look at Download.COM and see what they have there. They have a lot of useful downloads, some of which are free to utilize.

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    Im not sure what they are normally called, or else I would try to google something but I think they are usually associated with either parenting software or something to use in a business environment

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    Yeah, it's called Big Brother. Seriously!

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    I've never looked at them but google for keyloggers. They're used for evil purposes but I don't know if there might be some good ones.
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    A computer wouldn't (by default) record all it's processes, it'd be too CPU Intensive.

    You'll need an application.

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