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    Template for Sale!

    I'm selling a template that I made for fun. Well it's maid by photoshop and it includes a flash. If youd like to purchase the layout please post it here or pm me.

    The layout includes: html and psd. and a 550x200 flash.

    Everything and anything can be customized to fit your needs.


    Bidding start at 20 dollars and up by any amount.
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    Very nice. You also made it to my Bookmarks.

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    Hmm, that flash looks more like swish.

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    Very nice.

    Are the texts in the flash script customizable?
    I may need to change them to Japanese.

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    Flash looks like firestarter?

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    Nice and clean. I like it.

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    Yes the flash is customizable. thanks for the compliments.

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    Current bid is 75 dollarsj. Bidding end this friday.

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    current bid 80 dollars.

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    Nice design though.

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    Thanks for the compliment

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    New Layout!!


    I made a new layout, I think it looks pretty good. Simple but Effective. Well This layout can also be customized to fit your needs. I didn't have any good idea for a logo but I'll work on one when the layout has been bought. I also didn't really have any idea what else put into the left column.

    If you want to buy the template I would like if you pm'd me or emailed at [email protected]

    Bidding starts at 60 dollars, up by 5's? if that ok with you guys. email me if you have any questions.

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    So any one interested?

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