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    Login script - Paying $10 just to find me one...


    I have searched this forum and google for login scripts but couldn't find something good.
    I was wondering if you could direct me to a good free login script.
    I will pay you 10$ to find me a good working login script that i can put in my script.

    I need the following:
    simple login page
    the username and password will be taken from a database, if the user ane pass are correct, direct them to index.php otherwise tell them their login was invalid.
    Also, i want a code to include in all the pages i need to protect so they can not be directly accessed (include statement).

    As i said, i will pay you 10$ to send me a good working script.
    Payment via paypal.

    Please pm with a download link or with your paypal e-mail address.

    Thank you!

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    I don't know of many..

    But you might want to try this out, although its pretty old:

    Testing 1.. Testing 1..2.. Testing 1..2..3...

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    how simple/secure does it have to be?

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    Have you thought about using apaches password protection?

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    208 Should have what you want.
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    Let me know of the outcome of your search, I could write you a custom script for whatever you want.

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