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    Are you interested in either selling or buying a hosting company? Then check this out

    Are you currently planning on selling your hosting company, or are you in the market to buy a hosting company? Well hereís your chance to get it to a wider audience and if you are in the market to buy here is your chance to find the right company for you.

    Here's how it works

    For Buyers:
    Its free for buyers, all you have to do is go to and sign up for our mailing list. Once someone submits their website with us we will send out an email to you with all the website information on it. If you decide that you are interested in buying the company then you can contact the seller.

    For Sellers:
    For $29.95 (which will be donated to charity) your hosting company will be submitted to everyone who is on our mailing list. Then whomever decides that they want to buy your company can contact you if they so wish. The only fee you pay is the $29.95.


    Do you offer buyer/seller protection?
    Iím sorry no we donít, it is up to you to do the transaction and if it goes sour we are not liable, you use the website at your own risk.

    Do you collect a commission?
    No we donít! Every dime you make off your sale is yours.

    Also, any feedback on the website is encouraged, however make sure its helpful and not just a flame.

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    uf, to charity you say? so you make all this efforts for free? honest european provider

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    thats pretty much the jist of it.

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    Ok, we are trying to sell 500 ASP clients, cause we are ending the service here.

    We are not selling the whole company though.

    Would you be able to help?

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    Yes I think we can. Thatís what our website is meant to do, and itís fine that you aren't selling the whole company. When you are giving us your website information just say nothing included for all the spaces that ask about things included.

    We can't promise a sale because of course thatís not possible, but it would definitely increase your chances if you got your information to some more people.

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    pumichka I cannot contact you via PM. Do you have an email? - VPS Control Panel
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    I believe that everything is setup right, but just to check, I am offering 2 free submissions. So just go to and fill out the form and submit it to us and if you are one of the first 2 we will submit it for free, if you aren't, we will let you know and you can pay if you like for the submission, but its not required.

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    Yes, you can contact me at pumichka [ @ ] .

    It seems that since I am new to WHT, it won't let me to send/receive PMs


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    I submited the form, but no confirmation email, is that normal?

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    Pumichka I have sent you another email. - VPS Control Panel
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