Hello everyone,

I just thought I would repost my little offer from last week. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of my spare time - I had some fun and challenging projects come of it, and I'm looking forward to more!


With the year winding down, we've slowed things down a bit on the development front, and I have some spare time to do a little side coding work. I like keeping myself sharp, and it wouldn't hurt to stash away a few bucks for the holiday season.

I specialize in XHTML/CSS and JavaScript widget creation, and I'm available to take on a few projects over the course of the next week or two.

XHTML/CSS - I emphasize accessibility, ultra-lean markup, developmental SEO and strategic export and general use of imagery for fastest loading speeds and lowest bandwidth expenses. I perform complex PHP/ASP-includes coding as well, using PHP/ASP to call includes based on URL/folder structure, keeping site-wide elements and subsection elements tidy, so updating and expanding sites is a breeze. Basic layout work generally takes a couple hours and might run ~$100, up to ~$500 for highly complex layouts with multiple content layouts and meticulous attention paid to SEO. Recent examples of my coding work include BarcodeKent.com (nightclub), GeekCertified.com (additional coding added by site owners), Dr. Amanda Donnelly (dentist, Akron Ohio), MOLA Productions (advertising/marketing in Canton, Ohio), The Olde Harbor Inn (restaurant) (notice, one coded template services all four different styled areas - each is determined and served through section URLs using PHP), Pinnacle Chiropractic (update any subdomain completely or all five offices at once from a single file source) and many more layouts over the course of the last year.

JavaScript - I do a fair amount of JavaScript widget work when called upon to jazz up sites. Some of the scripts I've created include a Breadcrumbs script, Content Slide-in/Slide-out script, some simple scripts such as the popup script for the navigation on this site (roll over links - it's quite simple really). a handy line-break script and more DHTML menus than I can count. I've even coded out complex ordering scripts in JavaScript for a couple customers in the past, and would be happy to share examples privately, if requested. Project costs vary greatly, so please post or contact me via PM to discuss your specific needs.

If you ever wished your site could be engineered out effectively for user accessibility/SEO, or if you've always wanted a particular interesting, useful or fun widget to add to your visitors' user experience, consider taking my talents for a test run. I have plenty of references available upon request, so please don't be afraid to ask.

$0 down for any coding job - balance due only upon satisfactory completion. Why would I take your money when I haven't even done the work yet?

This stuff is fun for me (my wife thinks I'm crazy), so please step up and say hi - I'm looking forward to having a little more fun before the year's out!