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    Manage Windows & Linux servers.

    I'm runing a hosting business with about 350-400 clients, it's already a tool large number to manage them manualy.
    We provide Windows and Linux hosting in a same time and I'd like to select a control manel that will allow to manage/automate this business from one management point for me, my resellers and clients. I know 2 panels that support this mode, every with his own "-".

    H-Sphere, very feaure panel, maybe a best choise but it too complex for reseller and for end user I think - first "-", a second - vpopmail & qmail. I'd like to have a support for cyrus / sendmail or cyrus / postfix. Maybe there is also other "-" but it's enoght for me.

    CupePanel, I like it more than H-Sphere, but also "-"... 1. I can change nothing here, for example, I'd like to sell an SMTP Auth and IMAP access as an addon for additional money, but I can only support/unsupport SMTP auth systemwide, and some other things that I'd like to change / add in cubepanel but I can't. Second - it's very slow.

    Maybe someone knows also Windows / Linux hostin panels?
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    I would suggest HSPcomplete and Plesk for Linux and Windows. You will manage your business with one central console. Provisionning of Plesk clients is a very easy automated task with HSPcomplete.

    Have a look at it and good luck.

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    If you don't want to use HSPComplete you can also utilize Plesk Expand with Plesk on Both Linux and Windows combined with Centralized DNS and Mail.

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