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    list memory usage per process

    Is there a command or combination of commands that I can run in ssh to get a listing memory usage that each running process is using?

    Kind of like 'free' but if it could specify how much each process is using.


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    Do you mean like /usr/bin/top ? If you want to look at a particular process, you could use 'ps' for that.
    If you want to keep an eye on a particular process but want to narrow it down a little, you could use /usr/bin/watch and /bin/ps like this:

    watch -n 1 "ps waux | grep processname"

    Go ahead and play with that a bit. The -n switch specifies how often the watch program refreshes the display. Also, you may or may not need a - in front of the waux. I dunno.
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    Run the "top" command and SHIFT +M will show the memory usage that each running process is using.

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