I am looking for someone who can create A QUICK GUI interface in microsoft access. There is two parts to what i would like it to have.

1. I would like it to have a system where parking spot's can be assigned, by parking Spot # and location. There should be a field of Name, License Plate, car description. so if i go look up parking spot #5, it will tell me which car is assigned to that spot, and who it is. There should be a search future of this, also a place where we can add and delete cars and etc

2. There should be a parking violation section for cars who park in soemone elses spot. Allc ars are entered by license plate. we should be able to add a car by its license plate where it holds the description of the car at top of screen and state the license plate #.

on the other half of the screen should be a place where we can add/delete cars and violations. This should contain a date, parkign spot # where they were found parked, action taken and a notes section.

We should be able to search by License Plate # to find this info for both sections, or just a name for section 1. BAsicly each section should have a search future, add/delete.

There should then be 1 global section to search by license plate where we can go in type a license plate #, then be able to see if the license plate is listed to somebody that is assigned a spot, and if thye have any violations. We should then eb able to access the selected database to view/change info from there.

#3 (optional) I am also hoping that if its not too much of a big problem or time consuming, a login system can be made with two systems. Access rights for Read-Only and access rights for Read/Write (and add acounts)

I estimate for someone who knows what they are doind should take about 20 mins of there time. I am prepared to offer $15 for this project. The final version should be pretty graphic friendly, and also eb available for ANY Microsoft office version (more towards office xp, 2000 and 2003).

Shoot me off a PM if interrested. I will not accept anybody thats wants to program this in php or etc. Only other option i will accepted is if its programed ina standalone application (.exe) and uses some kind of text file or even a microsoft access file to store/pull info from.