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  1. #1 looks like they are down for the count.

    All their phone numbers come up with disconnected. They worked last week as i did call them for a question.

    Guess they shutdown. Good thing its within 30 days from me signing up so i can recover my fees from my credit card company.

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    how long have they been down for?

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    Only for about 6 hours. But when you disconnect all your phone numbers. Its not a good sign.

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    We are still and strong as ever. We did have a scheduled outage early that morning. Someone went wrong with a piece of equipment and forced us to be take a bit longer.

    Im not sure what number you were trying to call, but our toll free number was always working. The phone number is 866-801-0760

    If anyone has any questions or concern, please contact us at info [at]

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