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    Need input for inexpensive SNMP capable Switch/hub

    We are looking for some competitively priced swithes/hubs to drive down our infrastructure cost to interconnect a data center worth of servers.

    We need SNMP capabilities to measure usage on a reliable non-blocking fabric. Per port cost and dependability is important. No price is good enough if it fails once a year.

    Can you all give me some input?

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    HP Procurve Switch 2512 or 2524 series is a really nice one. And according to this report, SMC SuperStack II 6624M "bears a striking resemblance" to HP 2524 except SMC is just cheaper. These two switches are a fully managed, SNMP capable switches. You can buy HP Procurve 2524 (branad new) for around $700-$800.

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    Also take a look at the Dell PowerConnect 3024. You can get it with a 4-hour replacement plan. It should come in at $700-$800.
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    Check out your good friends at E-Bay . You can pick up some nice Cisco/Extreme switches for a good price there. For even less you can pick up a Foundry switch.

    If upstime is important to, make you sure you spend the extra money and get something with dual power supplies. The power supply is the part of the switch that fails most often, so dual power supplied will save you a lot of grief.

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