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    Need help understanding SSL encryption:

    Hi. I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out on my own, and i've certainly found plenty of documentation on SSL, but I still can't seem to get things working. It seems like it should be pretty simple to set up, but no matter what I try I get 'Page Not Found' when trying my site with https instead of http.

    Server info:
    CPanel Version 10.9.0-STABLE 80
    Site has a dedicated IP address.

    This is what i've tried:
    Step 1:
    Private Key: First I 'Generate a New Key' for the domain I want to use. I then copy the resulting code and hit 'Go Back'. I then paste the code into the 'Upload a New Key' box & type in the Key Domain (same domain I used to generate the key).

    Step 2:
    Certificate Signing Request: Next I go to CSR, fill out the form found there and click 'Generate'. The certificate gets generated and displayed to me.

    Step 3:
    Certificates (CRT): I fill out the form using the same information I used in step 2, make sure the domain is correct, then click 'Generate'. I the copy the resulting certificate, hit 'go back', and paste the information into the 'Upload New Certificate' box and click 'upload'.

    I receive no errors during the above processes, and all 3 things show up as being on the server. At this point I expect to be able to change the http to https for the domain in question and it will still work, but it doesn't. I just get 'Page Not Found'.

    Can anyone help me out, or point me to a step-by-step 'how-to' that describes a method other than what i've already tried?

    Thank in advance for any advice you can offer!

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    Bump.... i'm desperate for some help on this, I really need to get this working very soon!

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