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    Question Which reseller plan suitable for me?

    Hello my friends,

    i am from Sakarya/Turkey. i met this forum while searching dedicated server and hosting plan.

    i have problem with my reseller hosting plan. My hosting is on İstanbul/Turkey. But there are some problem (such as database error, slowness, slow database access, low bandwidth etc..)
    In my hosting plan, there are 90 domains, 55 mysql databases, 2300mb disk space, 100gb bandwidth.

    Because of this problems i purchase an Godaddy hosting plan and move to some of sites to test. But there are problems on there. For example, mail blocking, some of our customer's mails didn't reach to me (mail problem). Webstat properties available only primary domain in hosting account. No others webstat available. And no advanced properties such as Cronjob, email account. To create mail account for the other domains except you must to purchase an extra email plan.

    As a result i want to a problemlos and fast hosting. According to my research, some of best sites:

    But i don't use dedicated server before. So i decided to purchase a new reseller hosting plan.

    But which plan is sutable for my location, and my requirements according to your experiments.

    Please help...

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    It all really boils down to speed. If you find a provider that is Turkey or other overseas that has good speeds then what would hold you back from going with them? Same goes as a US based provider. If you find one that has good tracert, ping, etc and the reviews are good on them go for it. I would suggest either a higher level reseller or even a small VPS plan.
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    nihal, your 100GB BW limit is upper reseller limits, so you either go for a big reseller pacakge or better yet, go for VPS
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    But which plan is sutable for my location
    I see you didn't mention speed as a problem with Godaddy, so it would seem US based hosting can fulfill your needs. Pings, tracerts won't compare to the ones of servers in your own country, but the real life web page load speed won't be afftected to such a degree that the visitors will be aware of the distance.

    While a VPS can be a solution, it can also be a complication. Given your lack of experience with running servers, if you decide to go for a VPS, you should get a fully managed one.

    Don't go too cheap, or you risk to find yourself searching for a new host in a relatively short while.

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    I'm sorry, I could be wrong, but I think that this companies does not offer reseller plans

    Unless you were talking about dedicated servers reseller plans.
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    I reckon nihal is looking for a reseller plan.
    Try to search in shared/reseller offer forum
    You can get a reseller plan with 10GB space and 200GB bandwidth or something like that. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    what about

    Do you have any experience with these?

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    There are many reviews on those companies you listed. Do a search.
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