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    Question Sharing a NAS drive with no wirless card

    Hi I have a NAS drive which is connected to my router, and I would like other people I know to share it. Unfortunately they do not have wireless cards in their pc's so are unable to connect to my router. Is there any other way they can view the data on the drive over the internet?

    Or does someone know of a VPN utility which will allow for NAS sharing? I currently use Hamachi available at however I dont think it supports NAS.

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    If the device uses TCP/IP it would be possible to share the drive over the Internet. Look for the TCP/IP ports this device uses and look up how to enable "port forwarding" in your router. But without a proper means of securing outside access, potentially anyone could try to access the device!

    VPN access is a feature of some of the more expensive routers and firewalls. such as the VPN-enabled Linksys routers (around $350 retail) or a Sonicwall firewall. The only cheaper one that does this is a hacked WRT54G/GS with the Sveasoft firmware ($20/yr). But I'm not sure I'd suggest trying to hack your way through this unless you feel you have an expert-level knowledge of working with firmware.
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    Which NAS do you have?

    It may have the ability to do this built in.

    What about using a hard wired connection to your network?

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