NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA (PRWEB, CP, General syndication) - Web hosting provider EIRCA Internet Solutions officially rebuked the sale of DIYHosting today and launched a scathing attack on the company's new directors.

Pecos Technologies (DBA: The Internet Group Inc) acquired the DIYHosting brand in August 2005 in a move that shocked the reseller hosting sector. DIYHosting was a market leader at the time and EIRCA Internet Solutions opted to sell the company and its assets to the Houston, Texas, based firm based on what EIRCA believes were false representations of The Internet Group Inc and it's financial standing.

Sixteen months on, however, EIRCA directors have launched a scathing attack on the DIYHosting directors over significant outstanding monetary compensation and is asking a Harris County [Texas] judge to reassign ownership of DIYHosting back to EIRCA Internet Solutions on the grounds of contractual default on the side of Pecos Technologies and The Internet Group Inc. "It's unacceptable," says Simon O'Rourke, CEO of EIRCA Internet Solutions, "We have given the DIYHosting directors, Mr. Carruba, Mr Mcann and Mr. Haberli, every opportunity to satisfy the contractual agreements," continues O'Rourke, "but every opportunity is met with misdirection and deception. We will no longer stand for it and will let the matter go in to the judicial system".

EIRCA is also urging other parties to submit any related information on The Internet Group Inc, which also maintains a controlling interest in hosting brands and, and its directors. This information can be submitted to EIRCA's legal representative, Brad Wyly, at [email protected]

EIRCA directors are expecting a March [2007] hearing and fully expect to regain ownership of the once dominant reseller hosting brand and have several plans for its revival, should the current DIYHosting directors continue to default, returning ownership to EIRCA.

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