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    Question Domain Registration With Paypal ?

    Hello Guys

    I want to register few domain name I have my hosting account on

    Godaddy is also giving me facility to register but problem is that i dont have Verified paypal Account and only accept Verified Paypal account.
    (I dont have credit card yet)

    So is there any other domain registrar who accept Unverified paypal account ?

    I dont have credit card yet so its also not possible to registar with Credit Card ?

    Plz help me in that

    Waiting for your reply

    Thanks in Advance

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    Verifying through Paypal is a simple process, so why not do it? Open a banking account, attach it to the PP account, they send a small deposit (2 actually), you enter the amounts, verified soon after.

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    I am not in USA , I am at India so its not possible to verify with Bank Account

    My credit card is in process and it will take some days so I dont want to take risk with domains may be someone other get register that domain so asking you guys for help


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    then you won't have another possibility I think

    verifying with paypal via creditcard or bankaccount are the only 2 possibilities.

    maybe you can borrow a friends creditcard to do it ?

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    They have no banks in India? Or is it that you can't legally use Paypal there?

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    In india Banks are now aware about paypal .

    but my question is about Registrar who accept unverifyed paypal not how to verify my paypal account so plz guide me about that

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    you can use but they only have this this TLDs

    .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws, .us, .cn, .cc, .tv,, .eu

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