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    Dedicated Spec Advice

    I'm fairly new to dedicated machines, always hosted on shared environments previously. I've been looking around at dedicated packages and am a little confused as to what different specs will offer my site. I understand that a server is different from a usual PC, so can't really compare things such as CPU and RAM to what I know they offer PCs.

    Take this as an example:
    1.3Gz AMD
    256 MB Dedicated RAM
    4 GB Disk Storage
    1 TB Network Transfer

    A spec similar to that would be a pretty basic package, but what would it offer a typical database driven site doing around 1,000 uniques a day? would it be more responsive that the same site on a decent shared server package?

    Any help and advice would be very much appreciated

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    The logical step up from a shared host is to a VPS, which you may want to look at.

    As to what sort of thing you need, that really depends on how resource intensive your site is. 1k visits per day is not too much but if the server is doing a lot of MySQL work etc then that server may not be good enough. However I would guess it should be fine.

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    This is a low-end server in deed,a few provider offer this spec now,I think you would happy with VPS than this.
    1000 uniques per day not a heavier traffic,it is no much change from shared to dedicated or vps.

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