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    Help me choose

    Hi Im in need of a dedicated server to run my phpfox driven website we 800 members with about 100 members a day joining. Most of the time only between 40-80 members are on per hour on avg.

    We are recieving over 2 million hits per month , 6000 uniques per month, over 1,000,000 page views a month and using between 40-50gb per day of transfer.

    Now what should I look for in a dedicated server (managed) and where can I find a company that is reliable as well. Im a newbie so Ill need a company that can move my entire site for me and offer great support if needed.

    Thanks in advance

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    Just a low end server can meet your need now.if you plan to expands your site, you may want a P4 server with 1G RAM,1500GB bandwidth monthly.
    There are many providers you can check at the offer forums,though move the data do not include by standard management, you can ask the sales before you buy the server. And there are some companies include Full Server Migration at their support.

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