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    Check mysql usage in a shared server


    I currently have a reseller account with ResellerZoom
    Due to requirements, I am thinking in moving to a VPS or even to dedicated.
    I already know the estimated bandwidth and space I need, but in order to evaluate my real needs, I'd like to estimate the mysql usage of any of my sites, which is a busy forum and I know it could be a problem due to the constant db access.

    I'd like to know what and how to measure in mysql, considering I'm in a shared environment and have no access to root, console or installing packages (I know there are a couple of packages to do this)


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    you can ask your webhosting service provide to provide you the mysql usage for the month

    so that you will come to know your requriement of mysql usage

    Thank you.

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    you can install tool called "mytop" to see mysql requests in real-time - this helps a lot for busy sites.

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