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    The Myth of Shared Hosting

    Just wondering how many of you used all of your allotted bandwidth.

    If you pay $8/m for 500 gigs, then how much is the company losing(hardware, bw, employees, rent,....)?

    That's like banning sumos from buffets.

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    Most hosting companies oversell their bandwidth, because they know the majority of customers will never come close to those amounts. It's a good selling point. I suspect they would be in trouble if all of their customers actually used 500 GB every month.

    I personally have never exceeded or even come close to reaching such high figures of bandwidth in a month.

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    I remember when I was looking for hosting and *needed* at least 100 GB. I found a company (I've been with since 2003) but they only had 30 GB (at the time). Anyways, I figured I would go with them and move to a bigger plan later.

    Well, I've managed to hit close to 20 gb, but never over. I think most people buy into the hype, without knowing how much data they need. Then, when you look around and see all these oversellers, you think, I need that much!

    I found one host that offers 999 GIGS of Transfer and 50 GIGS of Disk Storage for $7 a month... think I'm lying?

    Give me a freaking break....
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