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    Hello to all again

    A while back I posted a thread about a need for a data center who understood custom needs and I found these guys:

    I build clusters and very advanced custom configurations, I use every ounce of what Xen and the 2.6 kernel will give me .. and I can say I'll never put another server in anyone elses facility but their's.

    They not only got everything right, they bent over backwards for me. My configurations have thrown every other data center for a loop, Andy got it right the first time.

    I get excellent response, a quality network (Believe me, I tested it) and I have plenty of room to grow. Moving over to NY Noc I actually saved a couple hundred bucks a month vs what I was paying Layered Tech, and the difference in service is like night and day.

    Every single custom box we ordered was delivered on time, exactly as specified. I've never had another facility get things right the first time.

    They ordered custom hardware for me that goes so far above and beyond the call of duty I almost felt bad taking it at the price they offered.

    If anyone feels like their current DC is just getting too big to understand the needs of small business .. or is looking to diversify , whatever .. I can not recommend these guys enough.

    Anyway, on to the nitty gritty of what they got right for me

    I got a dual opteron NAS with a custom PXE based ubuntu install done right, the first time.

    I got a brand new spiffy AMD Athalon X2 (Socket AM2) which with Xen and Ubuntu is happily supporting Windows VPS's

    I got a private Gig-e switch with dual nics in all of my machines.

    I got a 16 port KVM (a really nice minicom one) which I wasn't expecting

    I got free APC reboot ports (again, wasn't expecting these)

    As a bonus, I got to take over some cancellations at a really good price. I literally doubled the size of my network for less money than I was paying Layered Tech and *finally* found competent support. These guys are seasoned and know right away when 'normal procedure' just won't cut it.

    I got every question answered right away. Talking to Andy was like talking to another seasoned admin, he knew what I wanted and why I needed it right away.
    He's taken a real interest in what I do so that he can build packages just for me.

    In essence, I feel like a customer again instead of a consumer.

    The really, really cool part : when I approached him.. the deal was not nearly this size.. but the service was the same. They got more from me because they showed right away they could handle it .. and they did.

    You won't go wrong with them. If your in the market, give them a shot

    Thanks again to those here sent me in their direction. It was like a breath of fresh air.

    Hope this is as useful to someone else as it was for me .. the 'big boys' are just getting impossible to deal with. I have no doubt that as they grow the service will remain the same.

    I seldom post here other than whining or arguing virtualization platforms .. but this time , well, they earned the recommendation. I'm really impressed.

    Best to all -

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    Thank you for the kind words :-) It is our pleasure helping you with your custom setup. Have a great day!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thenynoc

    Thank you for the kind words :-) It is our pleasure helping you with your custom setup. Have a great day!!!

    You guys really earned it. You succeeded where many others failed horribly. I'll be recommending you to more as opportunities present themselves. You've got a good setup and great support, I'm sure you'll do very well.

    Best, and thanks again!!!

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