I have had a 'free' email provider account with Everyone.net since around 1999 when they first started becoming and up and growing company. At the time they were not yet offering pay services, but as they did later on, I decided to keep my free ad-based account. At one point I had up over 800 users who signed up for email on my website. Over time that figure has dropped to a little over 400, however, there are still many active users using that.

Due to several reasons, I want to migrate my email from Everyone.net and onto my own servers. I haven't yet decided if I want to migrate the email into my existing domain and give a new ajax-based web frontend or such. I would like to continue to have the option to allow future users to subscribe, but that is less important. Due that and the ads/signup requirements for Everyone.Net, I want to migrate my user data/login info from them.

Currently after having contacted Everyone.Net, they said for $50 they will send me a text file containing the usernames and passwords of all accounts. That would be useful so that the users do NOT have to fill out account info all over again. I could write a script that reads from the file and migrates that info into a new email server.

Anyway, Everyone.net was VERY much avoiding the question that I asked if it's possible to have the users emails/addresses sent to me via .tar.gz or on a CD. They said it's not their policy to extract data. However I am very hesitant to start a new email service that requires these people to sign up all over again. Most of them would never come back.

Has anyone here had ANY experience in getting Everyone.Net to extract the emails and address books from their servers so they can be imported into a different email server format??