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    Server Resources for VPS

    Currently i have move my vps from webhostplus to futurehosting, the reasons:
    - Extra minimum RAM (150 vs 384), disk space (6 vs 20) and support (whp takes as average 12 hours), however, when i move my data from one server to another and the propagation finish. The new account from futurehosting start to consume a lot of resources and the cpanel shutdown each 10 mins, the question is:
    why with webhostplus my server never have problems with fails in the cpanel only an slow system, meanwhile with futurehosting (with more resources in memory and cpus) the server simply doesnt works and i have to use only (in this moment) mail services and stop mambo open source in the most important site?
    With webhostplus my transfer monthly for 6 domains was 60GB and now i have 250GB, how can be possible that this happends?
    I only have 2 cgi scripts that consumes heavy resources but with webhostplus they work... but slow.... however with futurehosting no.
    Anybody knows a good vps hosting that can manage my average traffic without the problems with futurehosting?

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    Good question.

    My guess would be, has your site recieved more visitors? Because if bandwidth and resources have increased its kind of hard to say otherwise.

    Are you using the same exact configuration/version of Cpanel and VPS? Maybe the OS Template from FutureHosting isn't setup correctly??

    Do they both use the same VPS software (Xen, Virtuozzo, etc)?

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    Yes, supossly Futurehosting is the same but with better equipments, disk, ram and support. Is no possible that exists more visitors in so many time (72 hours total), well. a difference could be that webhostplus use redhat 7.3 meanwhile futurehostinz centos.

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    Can you PM me a ticket ID to review? I believe I have already read over the ticket; however, I want to ensure that I did have a chance to review the particular ticket.
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    Redhat 7.3?? Geez those guys were outdated.... I used that OS back in 2001 ;-).

    Yeah, not sure what the deal would be. They said you have used 250GB in 3 days? Might be an error on their side.

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    the 60GB are monthly for all the domains (webhostplus give me 100GB), futurehosting give me 250GB

    The ticket is:

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