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    two domains for one website


    i have two domains for one website and i was transfare one to the website . Now i want to transfare the second to the same website , is it by forword the second domain to the first. all domains in


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    can you explain a bit more detailed what you want to do ?
    I was unable to get it.

    If you want to forward a domain than you have several ways of doing this, f.e. :

    1) You create a redirect page (HTML)
    2) You set a DNS record pointing to the new location
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    If i dont get you wrong, I think you are trying to point both domains to the same website? Just park the 2nd domain on the 1st. When you go to 2nd domain, you will get whatever website 1st domain is pointed to.
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    Just upload all your files to the two domain, that's easy. Redirect pages doesn't accept by many search engines, and directories.

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    A Godaddy Redirect will work. Really, the best way is a 301 Redirect but GoDaddy's Redirect is a 302 Redirect, but it will work.
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