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    Best free phpBB hosting

    Could you guys please post the best free phpBB hosting site? I'm looking to host a fansite forum. I am looking for flexible and customizable forum hosting. Any suggestions?


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    5,176 is where you should post your question. Or
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    Damn, I asked this same question at the phpBB forums, and they told me I should ask you guys, now I'm told to ask them. Just my luck.

    Well thanks anyways.


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    Hi Ethan,

    You have not been asked to go back to phpBB.

    You have been give 2 links to places where you can ask your question, those places are better placed to answer your question.

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    Why you looking for a free host? Why not pay the $5-10/month to get something reliable?
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    Ethan, there is a problem with hosting your site at a free phpBB host. They usually do not let you move it when you decide to upgrade to a professional solution. So my advice would match that of hmalekib: go ahead with a paid solution now. You'll be better off in the long run, especially if your forum is a success.
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    There are disadvantages to free forums, anyway
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    I have a friend who has a free forum at and he's pretty happy.

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    try they are free and they are awesome - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
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