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    How to work out network connection?

    i am currently in need of a new server, im relatively new to this but what i need is a server for file storage,

    i already have a VPS managed account that works really nicely for the high database load and things but it doesent have very much bandwidth

    i am looking for a lightweight server, with relatively low specs that has high bandwidth vs good upload speeds (eg, not 100mbps shared between 80 servers)

    how do i know how the network connections are shared on different hosts? does anyone have any packaged they recomend?

    thanks in advance

    ps, money isnt a massive isue but i dont want it to be massively expensive, also i dont need UNLIMITED bandwidth, im more woried about the upload speeds i get at any one time.

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    How much bandwidth do you need approximately?
    With more than 2000GB transfer monthly you may go will UNMETERED server.

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    i have almost no idea how much more it would cost to go unmetered, i currently use about 1TB per month which is spread over 3 servers currently (these are realllllly low end) but i expect this figure to go up.

    the reason i need to change is because at peak times (if a new file comes out that lots of people want) the servers just cant cope (there capped at 2GB up each)

    so if going from 3 servers down 1 one unmetered server is cheaper then yes, but as i said, i dont quite understand how the ammount of space on the line is alocated? this is what im having trouble with.

    say for instance i went with :

    AMD Sempron 2400

    512MB RAM

    80GB HDD 7200 RPM


    100Mbit port


    Bandwidth: 10 Mbps Unmetered
    Memory: 1GB PC2100 DDR
    Hard Drive: 160GB 7200 RPM
    IP Addresses: 6 IP Addresses

    how much upload can i expect to get?

    (note i just plucked this host out of google i have no idea about how good it is or anything :p )
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    In that case,you need servers at 100Mbps port with LOW network usage.

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    any recomendations?

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    I can't assure the network usage for other provider,you must talk to their sales dep and look at their network usage graphics.

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    The only way to know, is to find out for yourself, by downloading testfiles on different moments of the day. Provider stats don't mean much if they put you with 200 on one switch. The only problem is, that available bandwidth depends on both ends and what is in between. So in order to test, you will need sufficient bandwidth on your end too.
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