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    Vbseo License For Sale

    The vBSEO solution enables your vBulletin forum to get more web visitors from all search engines including Google, Yahoo, & MSN Search.

    vBSEO Benefits - Get More:
    Web Traffic From the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Search).
    Profit Increase the monthly revenues earned from your forums.
    Posting Get visitors who are more highly targeted to your content.
    Members Better visitor to member conversions (i.e. more new members faster).
    Growth Improve your chances of achieving status.

    vBSEO Results - How it Works:
    More Indexing Get more of your forum pages indexed in the major search engines.
    Faster Indexing Get your pages indexed faster.
    Better Relevancy Improve your keyword relevancy for all pages.
    Avoid Penalties Prevent possible duplicate content penalties.
    AdSense Relevancy Increase the relevancy of your Google AdSense ads.

    vBSEO makes it easier for search engines to crawl more of your valuable vBulletin content faster and more often giving you higher keyword relevancy, more search engine traffic, and increased ad revenue.

    Worth $149, willing to accept $100

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    SOLD @ Payment Sent

    Awaiting License Transfer

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