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    DNS Question about exodus from Registerfly

    Having finally seen the writing on the wall, we're planning a massive migration of domain names from Registerfly to another registrar, probably namecheap.

    For those of you that have done the same and currently use Registerfly's DNS, how have you handled the transition without a DNS outage?

    Did you set up intermediary DNS for your domains before transferring out?

    We plan on using namecheap's DNS once we get there, but will probably fill in the gap with something like ZoneEdit until the domains are transferred.

    Is it possible to have a seamless transition from one registrar's DNS to another's DNS without a stopgap solution?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    you need to change the DNS BEFORE the transfer cause when the domain has left registerfly their DNS wont work anymore!
    you will have an outage.

    i would go with or than with zoneedit. cause zoneedit only allows 4 domains per account.

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    Thanks for the reply atmike.

    Yes, I know it needs to be changed before.

    I'm just wondering what everyone else does / did when they left?

    (assuming they use the registrars' DNS and not their own)

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    they all had to change the nameservers or the didn't mind if there's a few hours/days outage of the domain ...

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    this is not true unless you are using Registerfly's DNS. And then it might only be partially true. If you are hosting your domain someplace and pointing your DNS to your webhost, there will be no outage because the DNS settings move along with the domain name. So there is no downtime.
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    If you're going to change DNS, do it before or after the registrar transfers. Change
    of DNS won't be allowed while the transfer process is on-going.

    One catch with using a registrar's DNS is they won't let you use it if the domain's
    not registered with them. They have little to no reason to allow such despite how
    one feels about it.

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