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    ipower is not reliable

    I have register a domain with about 2-3 days ago and they said will send log in details. I have live chat with their customer advisors about at least 10 times and they said will send log in details in 20-30 minutes. But never happened.

    I have posted to support email of Ipower many times but no reply. I thought they did not received it and so try to send from my other email but still no reply.

    Really disappointing.

    So stay away from "IPOWER" if you are registering domains.

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    Are you also using I registered my domain and host it at their server. I will give them 60 mark (100 is the highest).

    Overall their server is stable, but every 1-2 months, there is small problem. Just like these 2 days, connection very slow, and email always shows connection broken, etc.

    Normally submit question to them will get a reply in 24 hrs. Sometimes will get immediate reply, but just sometimes. One time I submitted a question in Wednesday, and got a reply in next Tuesday.

    Overall, ipowerweb is not the best, maybe just the normal one.

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