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    .ca Registrar and hosting combinations?

    I'm using registerfly and domainsatcost+awardspace, but I need an alternative since they either aren't reliable or powerful enough.

    I have a few .ca domains at domainsatcost, netfirms, and regfly.
    Hosting by regfly VPS and dreamhost

    I just want to change the domains' nameservers and then the host just... hosts it. But somehow it just doesn't work since two different companies don't communicate between themselves and I tried a lot of things.

    I would do a thorough search in google, but I'm just limited in time.

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    Personally (and this is just how I do it) I use for registration purposes -- they sell .ca domain names at 9.95 when I last checked and you need an existing client account to register at the cheaper rate.

    Once the registration is completed I generally tend to migrate them over to my enom account almost immediately though to avoid problems down the road!

    I end up saving about 10 dollars per registration and overall I don't think it's worth the hassle but it is an option!

    Steer clear of registerfly. Netfirms is still a good option as well as long as they allow registrations outside of their hosting.

    Best of luck!
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    I use for domains, and they do appear to offer windows hosting. Never used their hosting though.
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