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    routing and remote access

    Hi, i have enabled routing and remote access on my windows 2000 server which is

    i have created a user, and given them dial in permissions.

    The user is able to dial in, but how do they get folders that are stored on the server to display on their machine????

    Thanx in advance, Matt.

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    You have a couple of options - recognize that RRAS on Windows allows the user to login, but what they can do once they've logged in depends on what services you have set up.

    1. FTP - you can run FTP services, in which case they could use a browser or ftp client to access files to transfer from the server. Permissions for that user must be set in the service.

    2. HTTP - you could run IIS and set up a web site they could access

    3. Explorer - they could use Windows Explorer to browse files on the server - they could map a network drive as long as there's a share setup that they have rights to access

    4. Telnet - you could run the telnet service and let them use a shell

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    They should be able to access the machine as if it was on the same network, so you would set it up the same way as if it was on a small network.

    Hope that helps!
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