Servers and Domains Dedicated IP Reseller Hosting with No Shared IP Numbers!
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Includes Integrated Automated Client Management and Billing Software, credit card processing services and more

Premium E-Commerce Reseller Hosting Plans
  • Ultra-Reliable: 99.95% up time guaranteed!
  • Daily Incremental Backups Included
  • Fast, redundant connections to three backbone providers.
  • Dedicated 24/7 network and emergency trained server support staff.
  • Host multiple websites distributed across multiple servers.
  • Powerful Xpress website building tools with hundreds of templates.
  • CartXpress shopping carts, a $14.95 value included FREE with each website.
  • Each Website has its own Dedicated IP number. NO SHARED IP NUMBERS
  • Each of your hosting packages are independent and do not affect each other.
  • Each website gets Up to 1 GB of Disk space and 10 GB of data transfer.
  • Each website includes one of the best site builders available today. With over 400 Templates to choose from.
  • Each website includes more than 12 up sell templates and features that you can resell to your customers without lifting a finger.

And...If your clients exceed their bandwidth quota, their web site is not suspended automatically. Instead, you can up sell additional bandwidth, disk space and other products to your clients as needed. These will be provisioned automatically, without you lifting a finger and most importantly. Without interrupting their online business!

Also...Exceeding your disk quota or bandwidth does not affect your hosted websites. All of your websites remain uninterrupted, ON LINE AT ALL TIMES!

New! Full Automated client management software is included FREE! A $50 Value.

  • Control your prices.
  • Setup new clients automatically.
  • Does client billing, invoices, suspensions and up selling.
  • All fully automated.
  • It works with your Pay Pal account Check or a Merchant account.
  • Credit card processing services available for 5% per transaction.
  • Fully Managed end user support available with up to 40% commission payout. click here

Highest quality, highest value and highest customer satisfaction! Our Xpress Reseller plan control panels are fully brandable with your own business name, style and colors. Your clients see your company, not ours. Branded Virtual Name Servers, Branded customer support, Toll Free numbers and credit card processing services are also available from Servers and Domains. Just ask

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This is reseller hosting that works. You can manage thousands of clients and their websites with minimal staff and practically no down time what so ever.

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Flat Fee Reseller Plan:
Host up to 5000 websites for only $30.00 per month!

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Servers and Domains has been providing high quality, reliable web hosting and domain name registration services since the year 2000. We currently host thousands of personal and small business web sites, providing services to more than 150 resellers world wide. Servers and Domains is dedicated to providing the best products, services and equipment available at the lowest cost possible, with more ways to build a better website and powerful e-commerce solutions for small to medium sized online businesses.