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    Connecting laptop hard disk to PC


    I have a cable to connect a laptop hard disk to a PC but the PC isnt recognising it in the BIOS.

    It is plugged into another IDE slot but when I use detect all hard disks it doesnt show up.

    I have set the jumpers to slave on the laptop HD.

    Anyone know what could be wrong? Hardware isn't a strong point for me so no idea what it could be.

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    Well if it is not recognizing the hard drive the cable might be bad or your laptop hd is bad one of the two.

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    I usually plug a laptop hard drive into the secondary IDE cable by itself. That way I don't have to worry about jumpers. Make sure that you have the power cable for the PC to laptop drive adapter plugged in properly, and that you lined up the pins correctly. Incorrectly installing the cable will fry the hard drive. I know from personal experience.

    If that doesn't help please take a picture of your setup and post it. The more info we get the better we can help.
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