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    Needed: WHM Autopilot coder

    We are looking for a person who can help us solving a few smaller problems with our WHM Autopilot Installation.

    1. There is a smaller error on our order page (step_1.php). Please browse to
    and select another plan then SmallByte. As you can see the grey box is fixed at the SmallByte plan.

    2. We need to insert a text on the thank you for your order page.
    "Thank you for your order........."

    3. We need to insert a text on the bottom of the step_four page
    "All orders are manually fraud scanned......."

    Please PM me if you can help us solving the above problems or replay to this post.

    Thank you.

    Casper Mikkelsen

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    I went through the entire order process and selected the plan as BigByte.
    It was selected properly during the order process and this was the order I was presented to confirm :

    Package Details
    Package Ordered: Shared Hosting: BigByte
    2000 MB Web Space
    20000 MB Transfer
    EMail Addresses:Unlimited
    Monthly Cost:: $12.95 USD

    Not sure what error are you facing with the 1st problem that you have mentioned!!

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    [1] edit your /inc/languages/english.php file to fix the selection highlight

    change this:

    to this:

    [2 & 3] you can edit the HTML shown on those files (i.e. /step_four.php & /invoice_new.php ) to meet your needs.


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    Thank you!

    It is working perfect now.

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