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    A problem with support

    My server went down for no reason, I wasn't doing anything on the server, and I could ping it but couldn't ssh in or access any websites.

    Naturally I emailed support and told them to look into it, and they gave me a reply that it costs 25 euro for 15 minutes of paid tech support.

    Well I said yes to that cause I thought it wouldn't take long.
    An hour later I had no reply or anything, so I emailed them and asked how long it would take and told them I'm not a rich guy..
    Now it's 2 hours later and still no reply on anything..

    I'm getting pretty concerned as we're at about 200 euro fee already and I just seriously want them to stop.

    I have no idea what to do right now.

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    You should find that it should be €25 per 15 minutes of work they do. I would find it very strange they are spending 2 hours fixing the server unless its a hardware issue, in which case one would hope that it would be included free
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    They told me it was free if it was hardware failure..

    I just have gotten no reply at all and have no idea if that's the case, and I'll be screwed if this ends up a bill in the 300-400's..

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    Ok phew, server is back online and it cost a total of 24euro..
    I guess they were having a lunch break

    Nevermind then, thank for reply..

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    I think that reboot will be helpful for this issue,you can check your server after reboot,cost saving.

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    Yep you're right fitesun..

    I'll remember that if there is a next time.

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