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    Wink SeeksAdmin :: Best Deal Around :: $50 Fully Managed

    Hey WHT,

    Back again with yet another special. This thread is to focus mainly on our Fully Managed package, as this has grown to become our most popular!

    What's Included? - We're proud to say pretty much everything you need to keep your server safe, secure, up and online! As well as a highly knowledgeable admin team at your available anytime to complete just about any admin need that arises.

    The Fully Managed Package includes our...

    Monthly Admin Service - (Sold alone @ 25/Month + $10 Setup)

    • Unlimited admin tickets
    • 24/7 Monitoring with 5 minute updates
    • Basic security Package (Upgradable to Platinum security)
    • Standard third party software support
    • Production Server software support
    • Simple Optimization of server software
    • First time configuration of server (DNS, Nameservers etc)
    • Installation of third party software
    • Routine server audits
    • Routine server updates as required / requested
    • Hacked server recovery
    • Free Admin consultation
    • Friendly Staff

    Active Security Plan - (Sold alone @ $20/Mth + $50 Setup)

    • Platinum security package
    • All security logs are forwarded to our admins for reviewing
    • All ports monitored by administrators
    • Security updates as required
    • Monthly server reports
    • Free admin consultation

    Proactive Monitoring - (Sold alone @ $25/Mth)

    • 24 / 7 server monitoring on 5 ports with 2 minute interval
    • Notification of server down
    • Notification of slow ping
    • Our admins will respond to the server down with the following steps
      • Contact DataCenter to get server rebooted
      • Open a ticket and investigate reason for the server being down
      • Provide a report

    Purchased alone these plans would cost you $130 for just your first month! But we've made it easy and affordable by selling them all together for $69.99/Month + $30 Setup for a total of $99.99, Saving you $30!


    But wait...It gets better...


    This week only we're dropping the price from $69.99/Month back to $50/Month (Inspired by our great sale in previous weeks.) In addition to this the setup fee has been dropped to $25. So you can get started with us for only $75 your first month ($55 Savings!) Just use coupon code FULL50 - Coupon expires in 10 days.

    Order Form: -


    Can we make it any better you ask...?

    We definitely can!
    After signing up send us proof (an invoice or welcome message) that you're coming over to use from a competitor (another management firm) and we'll give you back your setup fee towards your 2nd month! Your second month will only be $25!


    We're not done yet!
    We greatly value your business and as such reward you for larger plans. Below (in black) you will find our normal bulk discount. For the next 7 days any bulk orders will get the following discounts (in red)*:

    Bulk Discount:
    1 server 0% discount
    2-5 servers 5% discount - 10%
    6-10 servers 10% discount - 15%
    11-25 servers 15% discount - 20%
    26-30 servers 25% discount - 25%
    31+ servers contact us

    *Please note these discount prices are not valid on any previous bulk orders and are only valid for orders in allotted promotional period.


    Tell a Friend!

    We do not have an official affiliate program up yet, but this doesn't mean we can't reward you for telling a friend about our service. For each new order that you send that mentions you as the person that sent them, we'll credit your account $20!


    I believe we're done for now in this post. All that is left now is to show you how our clients like our service. I'll gather up the links of our testimonials / reviews and place them in here shortly.

    If you have any questions and/or need a custom solution feel free to contact us via email @ [email protected]. We look forward to working with you and keeping you secure!

    Best Regards,

    SeeksAdmin Management Team
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    Just to add on to what Steve said.

    if You have any custom problems we can fix them and we also do server transfers, so just contact us and we can do it for you.

    Anouther thing people have been worried about it how low our price is and they wonder if the quality will be good enough. Well if you want to talk to some of our customers either ask in sales and I am sure we can get you in contact with some of them, or you can just read the reviews. I belive most of them get accross how much we care about our current customers. Almost all the time we have specials only for our clients and are always asking for feedback on our services. We are also adding many features so that you can see what our admins do to your server in monthly checkups.

    If there is anything you want to see in there ask us and we will put it on the todo list if its a viable solution

    We also get many questions about control panels. There is a full list on our website but we support most control panels including the following: cPanel, Plesk, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Interworx, Webmin, VHCS, ISPconfig, Helm etc And also many flavours of linux. We are also beggining to stretch into the field of windows management, however if you would like this you will need to contact us and get a custom quote.

    If you have any questions I am online all day. Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    By "unlimited admin tickets", do you mean the administrator has to submit a ticket to you for help, or do you mean that you work directly with your clients customers?

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    We do not work with our client's customers in any way, just our client's servers. Under the monthly admin plan (and that portion of the fully managed service) the server owner can submit admin request, which we will take care of.
    SeeksAdmin .:. Linux & Windows Server Management
    24/7 Coverage | 30 Day Guarantee | Fast Response Times
    Quality Outsourced Customer Support Services
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