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    Question Domain Name Expiration

    So I have been keeping my eye on a domain name that I have wanted to register for a couple of years now.

    On November 10th, 2006 the domain name expired and has not since been renewed. Nearly 1 month later, the domain name is still labelled as unavailable and the current owner of the domain is "Pending Renewal or Deletion" (ie. Network Solutions).

    When is the domain name officially going to be released for registration? I have been waiting patiently but it seems as if this will never happen! Any insight into this would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    It probably won't become available to register through normal channels. Check Snapnames for the domain, it has or will probably be sold there.

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    yes Snapnames recommended for mostly expiring domain, it increase much chance to get domain.

    Godaddy and Pool also choices,

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    SnapNames is NetSol's Preferred Auction Partner. as Gerol said, it'll get auctioned at SnapNames, not GoDaddy or Pool.
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