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Thread: Gazzin VPS

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    Question Gazzin VPS

    Anyone tried Gazzin's VPS?

    How would you rate it?

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    I also looking they VPS plans, dunno got anyone tired Gazzin's VPS?

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    * Gazzin Review


    No, you are in wrong, i`ll post a complete review about them with all of their replies about my problem very soon,

    You`ll see that you are in wrong, and that is not a good company ever,

    their prices are low, but they have charged me sometimes without any reasons, i`ll post all things very soon,

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    Run from Gazzin, run!!!

    I've been with them on a reseller account and had the worst possible experience. Downtimes, no support answers, always lying about real causes.... I canceled the account and they are still sending me invoices!!!! I'm not even using it. I replied to the main person to stop spamming me, and they never did. A year later, I still receive it. Hilarious lack of professionalism!

    Stear clear of them! Just my $0.02.

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    I found this for you :

    Click here - Click here - Click here

    Remember when your unhappy you tell the world when your happy you keep it to your self!

    Good luck with your choice,
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