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    Require Custom Script Modification

    Hello. I currently run a file hosting site, and am using Apache on port 80 to handle file uploads (Lighttpd can not show my upload progress bar correctly) and Lighttpd on port 8080 to handle file downloads. This setup has significantly lowered my server load as compared to using only Apache, but my server still can get quite stressed at times.

    Anyways, I am looking for someone to help me re-code the upload portion of my script to use only PHP and Lighttpd, and not require Apache to show the progress bar (right now, I am using PHP+CGI). Also, this upload method needs to be 100% unstable, unlike my current one which can cause MySQL congestion (or I think it is). So in the end, I wish to only have Lighttpd running on port 80, and no Apache. I am willing to pay a good price if this can be done quickly and efficently. Thanks!

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    Oops, what I meant was this upload method needs to be 100% stable (not unstable) .

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    Anyone? I am willing to offer good $ if this is completed properly. Please let me know if you are interested.

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    Added you to AIM. My AIM id is thekonq

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