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    TutorialCreate v1.0 - Tutorial Management Script - $10.00

    Hello everyone, I finally released Tutorialcreate!

    Check out our site:


    TutorialCreate is a Tutorial Management Script, where visitors can come and add their tutorials to your database, the script works much like very popular sites such as Good-Tutorials, Pixel2Life, TutorialMan, Tutorialized and similar well known sites.

    The script has many features and we are coming out with more in finalized versions.

    Price: $10.00


    Purchase | Screenshots | Demo | Support Forums

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    Jul 2006
    Gonna go buy it now

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    Thanks for supporting us Hope you enjoy, you can join our forums for FREE support, here you dont have to purchase support unlike many scripts.

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    Jul 2006
    Im having a problem i posted at your support forum

    i didnt get the mysql.sql...

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    I replied to your post, the mysql.sql file is located in the root folder, i downloaded the items and it has it in there.

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    i pmed you the link on your support forums
    and no its not there =/

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    Alright, we worked everything out, all the downloads are fixed.

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    In the demo when i click on the tutorial link i get redirected to the main page.

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    Thats because thats what I linked the tutorial link to because there is no actual tutorial, its just text for the demo.

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    Can you add a tutorial for an example so we can see what it looks like while browsing a tutorial i.e.) should have a rating scale, report dead link, etc in the bar like other sites.

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    Can you add a tutorial so we can see what it looks like when clicking on the link. I'm interested in the script. Thanks.
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    My download link didnt work...

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    Wanna buy but no Paypal/Stormpay. Do you accept 2CO?

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    We only accept paypal right now, we are using a premade script for the site as of right now and are getting rid of the stormpay button, im very sorry but we will be coming up with 2CO and stormpay soon hopefully.

    The script does not currently have the split screen with the tutorial rating etc like some other sites, we are working to either add a mod for it or offer it in the final release.

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    awaiting download link still....thanks

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    websitesbuilt, please send me via pm you Full name, email address and paypal address, there is a payment that hasnt gone through and one that was cancelled that was possibly yours.

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