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    Well, figured i might as well share my stories with all the searchers out there considering as a host

    Url: &
    Hardware & connection: 9/10
    Support: 11/10
    Pricing: 8/10

    Some of you might know of sites like, etc, well, it's the same people who are behind (for dedicated servers and vps's) and (for shared), and i must say that i've been very please with them... they have, without a doubt, THE best support i have ever experienced, i have from time to time spend hours on the online chat (which WORKS btw, unlike some others on the net ) getting support dealing with anything from kernel upgrades, to 3rdparty software, they go above and beyond the call of duty, and they have without a doubt helped me with sooo much, i am very very graceful for everything they've done for me. Let me say it like this: The past soon 3 years i've been hosted with webhostfreaks or serverpowered, the staff there have found a special place in my heart, i'm actually considering sending them a christmas postcard or something like that, with them you really aren't "just another number"...

    I've had several setups at the hosts in mention, among others a gold plan at webhostfreaks, an advanced vps, sempron and P4 at serverpowered, and they've all worked 100% to my satisfaction, never had a problem to be honest. The staff there have helped my trouble shoot any errors i got, and each time they were friendly and helped me to the best of thier efforts to optimize the software to hold the sites i had (i've always worked on servers which would be close to max'ed out during peaks), so yea, they prob deserve 10/10 there, but i'm not all that experienced yet in the server world, so i don't know what to expect. I've never had any unscheduled downtime, which imo is also a very big plus..

    I have left them now tho, i fell for an offer on a Xeon elsewhere that was simply too good... Serverpowered are a bit expensive if you only look at the server specs, but if you count in the support they offer, it's a treat...

    Overall, i would say that if you're new into buying dedicated servers etc, go with these guys, as a start/learning base they've worked perfect for me, i only left them because i can somewhat handle my own server now, and i know more about linux then when i first needed a server... I will never regret using their service, nor will i forget the kind and sweet experience it's been

    How's that for a review?
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