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    Spam Problem - Need someone to fix

    Hi Folks!!

    Ok, we are having quite a bad problem with spam, our customers say they get losts of spam, i think we are on spam lists, and we get spam aswell every so often.

    Our mail queue in WHM, needs deleting alot of times, as of now, it is holding over 4,000 emails.

    We require someone to fix this problem but apart from that, we want to know what the problem is, and why it is happening.

    If anyone can help, please email support @ staminet .co .uk asap.


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    Many thanks for all who sent me an email,we now have this problem sorted thanks to voidsecurity for there great help.

    However, we have a feeling we are on spam lists, does anybody know how to check and remove?


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    May be you can check your IP in DNsstuff --> Spam Database Lookup
    They will show you whether you are listed in any spam databases.
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