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    Processing Power!?

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently working on a hobby community for Counter-Strike Source gamers and we're having a real hard time finding a dedicated server that can run our gameservers.

    At the moment we're trying to run:
    46 player office server (66 tick)
    32 player dust2 server (66 tick)
    24 player deathmatch server (33 tick)

    The current setup I have is:
    Processor: AMD Dual Opteron 2 x 246 w/1MB L2 cache
    Memory: 2048MB RAM
    Primary Hard Drive: 73GB SCSI Hard Drive
    Secondary Hard Drive: 73GB SCSI Hard Drive
    Drive Controller: IDE/SCSI
    Operating System: Windows Standard 2003
    Tier 1 Bandwidth: 2000GB
    Uplink Port Speed: 100Mbps Uplink

    Lets set aside the fact that these 3 servers will consume more then 2000GB of bandwidth this month and focus on what's bothering me... CPU LOAD!

    With those 3 servers full yesterday we saw steady 100% load. This obviously isn't good so we decided to turn off the 24 man 33 tick server. This helped a bit but we still need to find a solution to let us run all 3 servers. With both 66 tick servers full we're still seeing load of 80-100%. I'm assuming we're going to have to split the two 66 tick servers up as they don't seem like they can run on the same box!?

    So I guess my question is this... should I be wasting ~$250 a month on this box or should I just go for single processor servers and run 1 game server per machine? Is there a chance I could fix our current load issue with some "tweaking" or will that not make a difference!?

    Sorry for the wishy washy post. I'm frustrated and confused at this server and don't even know what I'm really trying to ask
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    There are a couple different options to take in order to resolve your dilemma.

    If you would like to only use a single server, there are Intel and AMD dual core / dual processor servers now available. This upgrade from your current platform would definitely give you a few more cpu cycles to play with. Additionally, if you are looking to lower the cost of your current server, most game servers do not require fast hard drives. These processes will cache all of the data it needs in memory while hosting the games. I would recommend downgrading to SATA drives in order to save for a processor upgrade.

    The second solution would be to split up the different CS matches on cheaper servers. I believe that two servers with a dual core processor would be more that sufficient. The lower network IO to each server may also reduce the amount of CPU overhead per server. :: Engineered Hosting
    Engineered Hosting solutions including Cloud, Dedicated, Colocation, and Managed Services.

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