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    * Image Size

    I was wondering if someone would mind increasing the size of an image for me. If you have a certain software which allows you to do this, as I'd like the image to still contain a nice quality. Alternatly, if you know of a free software which allows you to do this just send me a link to download it; I'd appreciate it.

    If your able to blow up the image, just drop me a PM and I'll send you the image right on over. Thanks in advanced .

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    Is it possible to increase an image without loosing quality? I suppose a program that uses math and vectors could do it (like those in Ilustrator where the vector map is available).

    It be neat to see.
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    There are several programs which can do it, but don't expect anything great. If scaling the (raster) image up was possible without a quality loss, why would anyone need hi-res images - you could always resize the 10x10 pixels "original"...

    Check the reviews of image resizing plugins:

    There's also a 10% increment method, but I don't really consider it as a reasonable solution.

    Finally you can print your image in a decent size, scan it and finish in a program like Photoshop.

    Vector format would be the best though... (it depends on the image style - whether it is a line art or a photo)
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    Vector is the best format to work in for no resolution loss, however its not allways possible to have a image in that form.

    Photoshop does a nice job at it.
    There is also another little trick you can do after you blow it up, if you copy that layer and put it on Soft light its crisps it up a bit.

    If you still need someone to do it Tech, feel free to PM me.

    Good luck!

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    yes, you can do it with photoshop....apply filters and blow it up...the size of the image will grow and also the quality will improve too...
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    yeh try photoshop it works for me

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