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    i am looking for a webhost which provides he following:

    PHP4 & 5 / SQL / more than 5gb space / acceptable speed

    what do you think of 1and1's home package...
    it seems to be very cheap
    do you have any experiences with 1and1?

    could you reccomend other cheap hosters?

    i am looking forward to your answers!

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    I didn't try them, but most people who've been with them say their support is terrible.

    You should look for a small hosting company, they take care of their clients much more than the big hosting companies like 1&1.
    MaxterHostsimply different.
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    DreamHost is really affordable for their packages. Take a look
    ServerTag Technologies - Everything you need for hosting activity
    A Canadian company providing top notch site hosting, servers and colocation services

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    hi there i would stay well clear im afraid i have had very bad experiences with them in the past

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    I use them for 3 domains with their Linux 'Home' package. As was mentioned, support is very slow. So far I haven't needed it. But they're reliable and have better than average speed. If you decide to use them I'd advise registering your domains elsewhere (they use a German registrar) and don't accept the 'free' software offer (it locks you into a one year package). Don't know if this would affect you, but the SQL databases (25 of them) are limited to 100 mb each.

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    dreamhost looks good!

    is their support better?

    which one is better in your oppinion?
    dreamhost or 1and1?
    or a 3rd one?


    one more thing would be very useful for me:
    more than 1 ftp account...

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    11,844 probably will give you the answer
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    both do not seem to have great reviews...
    but i found another host which seems to be better and quite cheap: says it is good

    but in the web i fond also reviews which said that it has a new owner and is bad since then.

    is anybody here who has hosted something with them?
    what do you think about them.
    (yes, i already used the search.php , but the answers i got from there were not sufficient)

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    I wouldnt use 1and1 for somehting serious.I remember,that when i was looking for a dedicated box they were the first i sent mail to.I got offer from various host for 2 weeks straight,and after i got my whole new box,they replied.Of course i didnt reply back since i would wait another full 3 weeks...

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    I had a free 1&1 account when they were doing a promo a while ago. It came with a shell account; I logged in with some esoteric username that I couldn't change (s19834785 or something like that), found out the system didn't have emacs, wouldn't let me run top, and was crippled in many other ways.

    I sent them an email asking if they planned on installing emacs anytime soon. The reply wasn't very prompt (though in fairness within a couple days), and they said they had no plans to install emacs.

    I haven't touched the account since.

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    The shadow of 1&1's evil.
    Stay away from 1&1 Internet Inc. in the same manner that you'd try to steer clear of something like, I dunno, the plague or an oncoming truck. They'll find some way to make you miserable.

    Unless you like that sort of thing. You can find my own story of my experiences with 1&1 elsewhere on the forum. And there are so many others.
    Lots of people are mad at 1&1:

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    I have had 10 differrant GERMAN box's from 1and1 they were BOTH very slow some nights it wouldn't connect some nights it wouldnt work and some it would I called them up once and they just HANGED up took my money and ran I think..

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    Man 1 and 1 suck they told me I didn;t cancel my account the correct way. I said I went to you web site and then printed the paper and faxed it in I then called and they told me it was taken care of. I got a letter in the mail they wanted to send me to a colletion agent for 5 $ since i didn't cancel my account. I showed then the letter and that hoe on the phone keep telling me I had to pay the 5$ I said take me to court or kiss my you know. They said fine and thats the last i heard. They didn;t have my SSn so I wasn't to scared over it. 5.00 they people are crazy I have no problems paying 5 $ but the point was she was a B on the phone and I wasn;t going to do it then.

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    thank you for all your answers!

    i finally got my webspace - but not at 1and1...

    i am at cirtexhosting now and so far i have a good experience...
    i will write a rview in a few months or so

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